About Us

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Hello, my name is Kristina Petrushevska. I am Ukrainian jewelry designer. My creations mostly are made of polymer clay in different technics. It is a really amazing material, I can make it look like metal, gold, wood, fabrick, stone, glass, ets. I think polymer clay captured my attention more than any other material because of its endless possibilities. And it is also lightweight, fade resistant, and waterproof, which is ideal for jewelry. What is polymer clay? It consists of tiny polyvinyl chloride particles suspended in plasticizers and mixed with various pigments. As its name suggests, polymer clay behaves a lot like natural clay - namely, it is pliable in its raw form and hardens when cured.

 Each piece is unique and sculpted by hand. After sculpting, each piece is carefully cured in an oven to make it durable. Sometimes, when design is complicated, multiple baking is required between repetitive sessions of sculpting.

After curing, some pieces left with textured surface and some sanded with multiple grits of sand paper and buffed. Almost all of them are finished with at least two layers of gloss varnish to bring out the depth of color and for further protection.

The entire process is very tedious, requires lots of attention to details and lots of patience, but it also gives me a great satisfaction and joy.