Cleaning & Caring For Your Jewelry

Cleaning & Caring for your Jewelry
CLEANING YOUR METAL JEWELRYBRASSBefore cleaning your brass, check to make sure it’s actually brass. The easiest way is to use a magnet: brass isn’t magnetic, so if the magnet sticks, it’s not pure brass.Wash the piece with warm, soapy water first. This will remove any dirt, oil or buildup on the ...

Wear Handmade Jewelry For Unique Outfits

Wear Handmade Jewelry for Unique Outfits
Fashion jewelry, handcrafted and smart, will work miracles. Do you have an authentic preference for the combination of the crude, vivid gemstones on colorful materials, highlighting in the most exquisite manner your fine wrist, your slender neck or your delicate fingers? Perhaps you like the mor...

Best Reasons To Select Handmade Jewelry

Best Reasons to Select Handmade Jewelry
       Handmade jewelry is beautiful and offers consumers a unique, worldly jewelry option. Handmade jewelry is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Handmade necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are exceptional and interesting, and in many cases, ...
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